fuel system probs on 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan

ok my van has started stalling ive replaced the fuel pump and filiter the coilpack and tuned it up over $300.00 in parts and 4 hours in laber and its stilling and acting like its not getting fuel. i noticed that a box at the front of my fuse panel will sart clicking and my pumprun contuisley and at that point the van wont crank but if no clicking and pump runs a sec snd stops it will crank and run great until it gets hot then it shuts down and will not crank untill its cooled down can any body tell me whats wrong haveing the computer checked only said missfire.

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I would check the power relays for your fuel injection. There is an ASD relay ( Automatic Shutdown ) that can over heat as it gets old and cause all kinds of problems like you describe.