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1999 Saturn SC1 Question: FUEL SYSTEM PROBLEMS

Ok i am having some problems with my car cutting off and or sputtering i have already replaced the fuel pump twice and i think its still giving me problems. The other day it got down to about an 8th of a tank of gas and it started jerking and sputtering. Can anyone give me some tips its getting expencive -
Answer 1
Have you checked the pressure and volume? What about the fuel filter , both the inline filter (maintenance item) and any in tank screens...... This all presumes it actually is a fuel supply issue. -
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I had a fuel pump replaced. Now the car runs rough and white / blue smoke emits from the exhaust. what has caused this? It ran fine without any smoke prior to failure of the fuel pump.
When first starting the car in the am or after sitting 8 or so hours the car sputters and acts as if it is starving for gas. After a couple of minutes it runs fine. It will start normally after this.