1998 Toyota RAV4 Q&A

1998 Toyota RAV4 Question: fuel system

fuel tank gauge is showing full but is not -
Answer 1
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Just bought and it passed smog easily. No vacuum leaks as far as I can tell. idles smooth and runs great. I realize this is a lean run condition so something is causing it to increase the gas mixtu...
I just had my fuel injectors cleaned as recommended by Toyota (30,000 miles) on my 2008 RAV-4. The cost to clean the injectors was $155 !! Toyota recommends a fuel injector additive to the gasoline...
The problem is that three is a pressure in the fuel system between the high pressure pump and the common rail, after a computer scan the fault code that...
I noticed when I put gas in the vehicle this week, the little metal blocking element that the fuel nozzle pushes past is no longer there. Should I be concerned?