fuel system on 1999 Ford Mustang

I have a 1999 mustang that had been parked for a few months. Parked it by the road one day to sell went out the next day and it would not start. I have had the relays, and fuses checked and also replaced the fuel pump without any luck. It still seems as if it is not getting fuel to the injectors. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh yeah it is a v6

by in Kershaw, SC on August 03, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on January 29, 2012
well if you already jumped to the fuel pump as the problem(normally that's the last thing you hope it would be....) here is a few minor things to check, pull your fuel rail off to see if it's getting gas up that far, also the fuel filter should be changed. This is a silly question but how much fuel does the car have in it?? even though the car is a pressure based system for the fuel.. I have heard people mention it could still need primed if it was very low..(don't quote me on the last part, it's just what I've heard when I was having issues with mine)
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