Fuel smell problem in the car on 2006 BMW 750Li

I am the original owner of this car. 37,000 miles, pristine condition. I smelled fuel inside the car and took it to the dealership. They stated passenger side fuel sending unit was cracked and leaking fuel. They replaced it along with seal and locking ring. I picked my car up and I smelled a faint fuel smell a week ago and thought it was a residual smell left behind. It now smells like someone poured gas in the car. What could this be?

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Have them re-inspect the work that was done. Could be a defective part, or improper installation. Could also be a misdiagnosis on the original repair.
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They probably spilled some gasoline on the foam insulation while removing the fuel. If that was the case, the odor cannot be removed from the insulation. The insulation must be replaced.