fuel sending unit/strainer on 2002 Ford Excursion

is there a strainer or screen in the diesel fuel tank. or on the fuel sending unit.

Asked by for the 2002 Ford Excursion
I read another article on this. There is a screen located inside the fuel tank. It stated you would need to drop the tank to clean it out.
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I don't know exactly what your truck is doing but if you can only use about 3/4 of your tank then the strainer on the bottom of the fuel sending unit could be broke off. I don't know where exactly to get one but I had that same problem with my truck. If you are just having delivery problems then cleaning it or replacing the fuel filter in the engine compartment of your truck may help.
I can't find a strainer or screen but here's some info about your sending unit The book only shows that the sender is in the fuel pump module assembly.
Yes the ford Excursion diesel has one big and two small fuel screens inside the fuel tank, the two small ones are inside the plastic housing, to clean them you must drop the tank,remove the sending unit,carfully dissasemble the plastic housing on the steel intake tube and remove both screens, they are about 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. these can plug up and cause a miss/ no-power problem with NO check engine light coming on, this is the first thing to check before spending all your money on parts!
is in the sending unit, if is broken you need more 10 galon of diesel,