Fuel Pump replacement on 2004 Audi A6

I need to know if there is another way to change the fuel pump with out dropping the tank. It seems like alot of work just to drop the tank. Im hoping someone has figured out an easier way than having to take the car completely apart just to drop the tank.

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this job will require 2 special tools, 1. a ring nut spaner, part #3217 and 2. a fuel pump wrench part # 3307. Make sure you disconnect the battery. Unscrew cover for connector flange under the luggage compartment carpet, and disconnect electrical four pin harness connector, using ring nut spaner #3217 to remove the union nut, pull connector flange and sealing ring from opening of fuel tank and there you have it, your fuel pump is right there. ...and NO the fuel tank does NOT need to be dropped for this job.