1992 Ford Explorer Q&A

1992 Ford Explorer Question: fuel pump replacement

How do I change the fuel pump? -
Answer 1
The pump is located in the fuel tank. If you plan on performing this job yourself, make the investment in a repair manual. This will inform you about any special tools needed and any settings or adjustments needed when installing the pump. -
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To much "hog-wash" in this answer. Just get on the internet and type in your query and walla, all kinds of information for those of us that need to know. Good luck. -
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Walla? Do you mean voila? -
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have replaced fuel pump relay. might run for a day or 2 months it is something to do with fuel pump (stops, can not here it when key is turned on. )
It was fine yesterday except the last time I started it, I had to start it 3-4 times to get it to run; acted like it wasn't getting enough fuel at first. When you turn the key on you usually h...
How much trouble to change fuel pump
engine stalled while driving, and it will not start, replaced the fuel control module, fuel filter, crankshaft position sensor, valve position sensor and the inertia switch
What is the flatrate time for r&r on fuel pump replacement 2004 ford explorer