Fuel Pump Replacement

The fuel pump creates pressure in the fuel lines, which pushes gasoline through the fuel injectors and into the engine.

Good gas atomization ensures maximum power. To ensure good atomization of the gas, it is injected into the engine under high pressure. The fuel pump creates and delivers pressurized gas to the fuel injectors.

The fuel pump is located either in the fuel tank itself or under the vehicle near the fuel tank. If the fuel pump is in the fuel tank, there may be a removable cover under the rear seats or trunk floor that allows access to the fuel pump. On many vehicles, if the fuel pump is in the fuel tank, the tank must be removed from the vehicle to replace the pump.

Gasoline is highly flammable. When replacing the fuel pump, the battery must be disconnected from the vehicle and proper safety procedures followed to avoid fire and personal injury.

Mechanics' Corner: More Technical Detail

When considering fuel pump/fuel supply issues, remember that both fuel pressure and volume must be correct.