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1992 Ford Taurus Question: fuel pump relay location

where is the fuel pump relay -
Answer 1
There is a whole relay module box that is near and above the radiator fan housing. This has 4 or more relays, including the fuel pump relay. I personally wish that Ford would have kept it simple with the individual relays, because you can change 1 at a time, which, is MUCH cheaper. -
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thanks so much. after many parts guys and media searches, including chiltons, my only accurate response. you've made my week. -
Answer 2
which relay is for the fuel pump -
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You have to replace the entire unit, unfortunately. They are soldered on to the circuit board. Poor design in my opinion. -
Answer 3
where is the fuel pump relay located on a 2002 kia octima -
Answer 4
95 pontiac bonneville 3.8l -
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