fuel pump problems i think on 1994 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

fuel pump went out about 2 years ago. had it replaced bought part from o'rielys. runs fine except when outside temp gets above 90 degrees. runs fine in fall nad winter but as soon as spring and summer comes around i can be going down the road and motor instantly cuts off. pump makes a high pitched grind then stops. can wait about 20 minutes and car will crank up and run fine for a few miles and then do the same thing. fuel tank feels very warm to touch. try to keep it close to full all the time. checked and replaced fuel relay.vacumnlines gas cap.please help. vehicle has 250000. miles on it but runns great except for this problem .can't fix gonna shoot thank you

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How is your fuel filter? When was it last replaced?
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As another poster said check the inline fuel filter and consider changing it. I cut one open (it caused a pump failure) and found it full of a very fine material probably picked up from crappy gas. I routinely change mine at about 15k miles since filters are cheaper than fuel pumps