fuel pump problems on 2000 Ford E-250

2000 for E 250 van wouldn't start after 30 minutes or so it started did that several time over a few month. Then one day it wouldn't start at all. shop said it was a fuel pump replaced it was fine for a couple weeks then started all over again took it back in they replaced the pump again. fine for a few days then did it again. I notice prior to not starting it seems to run bad, shudders or misses at certain speeds like a fouled plug then sometime the next time I try to start it or several starts later it won't start. I notice when it dosen't start I don't hear the fuel pump humming when i turn on the ignition. then I'll try it several times then it humms again and it starts.

by in San Pedro, CA on March 23, 2011
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ANSWER by , March 23, 2011
I bet there is debris in the tank that is causing the pump to fail. Ask the shop if they flushed the tank. Roy
COMMENT by , March 23, 2011
I'll bet they didn't. But that wouldn't make the pump not hum.
COMMENT by , March 23, 2011
when it hums, it is working. when the dirt gets in the pump, it seizes and will not run, thus no humming. Roy