fuel pump problem on 1990 Dodge Ram Van B350

check ing the voltage, on relay found relay working, reading voltage on one side,but not on the other. replaced relay still have same problem. is it possible that the wire is open ,or grounded. and thats why i can<t get a voltage reading on other side of relay. before the van would start once a day and run fine i would drive 15 20 miles no problem,turn it off for a little, no start. now it dosent start at all un less put gas down the throtlebody

by in South Padre Island, TX on February 01, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 01, 2010
The relay needs to get a voltage signal to work correctly. With a wiring diagram you have to see where that signal comes from and diagnose accordingly. Is this the fuel pump relay?
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