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1995 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Question: Fuel Pump Pressure?

IF I can figure out what the needed fuel pump pressure is, THEN I can add a second "IN LINE" fuel pump. Please make any comments on this discussion regarding pressure, parts sources, prices and procedures please!!! I can order a OEM tank pump for $60 on eBay but would like get a in-line pump instead to avoid dropping the tank or cutting my floor up. thank you, Tim -
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Did you ever resolve this? -
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Requires 45psi from an inline pump to sifen through the in tank pump. The odds of an inline pump causing problems or the chance that the strainer in the tank will become clogged is very high. There are too many variables to consider an inline pump as a longer term fix but would sufice for short term. I replaced the whole unit but would later find out my symptoms were all being caused by a faulty Engine Computer Module. Ticking fuel relays, delayed start, odd error messages and limp mode symptoms can all point towards a faulty ECM rather then a fuel pump/filter failure. -
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where is ECM located -
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