fuel pump not pumping fuel on 1990 Toyota Camry

fuel pump is not pumping up fuel

by in Newcastle, ME on February 18, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 18, 2011
try checking the relay, barely goes out but it can, otherwise change out the pump and filter and start there
COMMENT by on February 18, 2011
cheers for that
ANSWER by on February 18, 2011
Locate the diagnostic connector box in the engine compartment, bridge the connectors B+ and FP and crack open the fuel line at the fuel rail and see if you have fuel pressure present. This would verify that the fuel pump at least puts out fuel. This is only a place to start proper diagnostic tests need to be done to get to the route of the problem. Alldata is very easy to navigate http://bit.ly/AllData_Repair_Manuals_Online and is also a great source of information with information directly out of the Toyota manuals.
COMMENT by on February 18, 2011
thanks for the info
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