2000 Volvo S80 Q&A

2000 Volvo S80 Question: Fuel pump needs replacing;smell gas&leaking;can't repair for 2 wks;dangerous?

Just want to know if it's dangerous to drive, I have been driving like this for more than a month, but only when necessary to drive. When I start the car, it won't start until the 2nd try; my mechanic said not dangerous, only dangerous for me to inhale fumes. When I drive it smells like I'm surrounded by gas. Ordinarily, I would not drive in this condition, but I make my living using my car and can't repair for two weeks. -
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that is on a cust asst program i do believe at volvo. call them with your vin # and see it should be at n/c. they had alot of issues and complaints so they started to do it under warranty. i have sent 4 cust to volvo and all have been taken care of for FREE. YES VERY DANDEROUS NO NOT DRIVE CAR. DANDEROUS HEALTH WISE AND FIRE WISE -
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Thank you. My independent mechanic sent me to Volvo as he said the fuel pump was on recall, but Volvo said my VIN number was not on recall. I called Volvo of America and even spoke with a supervisor who informed me that the recall was for cars beginning in 2001 and that even if my car were a 2001, it would not be all cars, just particular VIN numbers she explained it as if there is a recall of lettuce, they always say a particular batch number, not every item made in that year. My car is 2000. Thank you again for your help. -