1996 Dodge Avenger Q&A

1996 Dodge Avenger Question: fuel pump kill switch

Where is the fuel pump kill switch located on a 1996 dodge avenger? -
Answer 1
I don't know if any, except you want to remove the relay to stop the pump. There is no re-set switch like on the old Fords. And they are gone as well. -
Answer 2
There is no inertia switch or kill switch as found on some Fords and Jaguar. The fuel pump relay is on the firewall, driver's side nearest the brake fluid reservoir. Red/black wire is fused power supply, Black/dark blue brings power to the fuel pump. -
Answer 3
Fuel Pump and Fuel Gage does not come on -
Comment 1
my 96 dodge advenger has a bad rotten gasy smell when i drive..my exhaust pipe is broke at the cadalac converter and it has a few pin holes in it to.. how would i tell if the cadalac converter is stopped up? -