Fuel Pump Gets No Power on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 2500

Our Van will not start and has no power to fuel pump we have bypassed the relay and the fuel pump came on the relays are good and so is the fuel shutoff switch on the firewall what else could it be.

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The power train computer looks for certain signals and then it turns on the fuel pump by energizing the relay. Did you ever have a check engine light come on, because this may/will cause the computer to not turn on the fuel pump in certain cases. I would have a shop do a serial data scan, not just a code read, to see why the computer is not turning on the fuel pump. here are some shops to try:

Ok Does the check engine light have to be on for you to scan the computer with one of the scan tools and if so how do we get it back on because at one time the light was on and the battery went dead on it and check engine light went off and has not came back on because the van has not been started due to the fuel pump not coming on