fuel pump assemble the two prongs that go in to gas tank rusted,can not find fue on 1994 Nissan Pickup (D21)

these trucks rust bad,the line that goesinto gas tank rusted.where can i get fuel pump no nrrd fuel pumpi

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Might be best to try and find a tank in a salvage yard outside the area where you live that not use so much salt on the roads. There is a good search site for the entire country at "CAR-PART.COM" . Might search of states like Texas, Arizona, New Mexico...etc.
what about a electric pump.where would be best place to get the fuel guage fuel pump is good.thank youj
Those prongs are a part of pump , just top half showing.
If that bad, try sliding rubber fuel line that fits snug over top , clamp each end.
Providing they are not ready to break completely off or have done so already.
Add another piece of metal fuel line between the ends of those & to regular fuel
line on frame.(clamp) Will work for a good while until replaced or just a cheap quick fix.
Only other solution , buy new pump.
Had many of these trucks.
do you think i can get and put on a electric pump
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