1994 Nissan Pickup (D21) Q&A

1994 Nissan Pickup (D21) Question: fuel pump assemble the two prongs that go in to gas tank rusted,can not find fue

these trucks rust bad,the line that goesinto gas tank rusted.where can i get fuel pump assembly.do no nrrd fuel pumpi -
Answer 1
Might be best to try and find a tank in a salvage yard outside the area where you live that not use so much salt on the roads. There is a good search site for the entire country at "CAR-PART.COM" . Might search of states like Texas, Arizona, New Mexico...etc. -
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what about a electric pump.where would be best place to get the fuel guage assembly.my fuel pump is good.thank youj -
Answer 2
Those prongs are a part of pump , just top half showing. If that bad, try sliding rubber fuel line that fits snug over top , clamp each end. Providing they are not ready to break completely off or have done so already. Add another piece of metal fuel line between the ends of those & to regular fuel line on frame.(clamp) Will work for a good while until replaced or just a cheap quick fix. Only other solution , buy new pump. Had many of these trucks. -
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do you think i can get and put on a electric pump -
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