Fuel pump and fuel filter on 2003 Nissan Altima

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Where is the fuel pump and fuel filter located and how can i access them if i wan to replace them?
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Why are you replacing the filter and fuel pump, has the pump failed?
There is no "external fuel filter it is in the tank. Remove the rear seat, an access panel is under the seat which once removed allows access to the fuel pump. Disconnect the battery, disconnect the fuel lines , remove the fuel pump and filter assembly (part of pump assembly.
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Its way to expensive to replace a fuel filter and pump on a guess that it may be related to the fuel pump. Even though the Service Engine Soon/Check Engine light has not yet illuminated the on board computer may have stored a "pending code" and also holds a wealth of information that may hold the real reason your car is stalling.
Nissan have a recall call your dealer with your VIN# ask them if recall NTB06-051a was carried out, (it had to do with the engine stalling), it involves an ECU reprogram.
My car i stalling and no engine light is showing. What could be the cause?. I was told it could be the fuel filter or fuel pump. What do you guys think?
if my car is stuttering and when I turn on the AC it gets worse does that mean its my fuel pump or my fuel filter
I just had this same problem and your fuel filter could be clogged it would be ideal to change because if it is clogged it will put back pressure on the pump and it could fail this will stop your car from up at all.
Where can i find the feul filter???
It is located in the gas tank, under the mat in the trunk. The fuel filter is on the pump
what tools are nesessary to remove fuel pump to change fuel filter
Hello , if your car is stalling at idle and running fine other than at idle chances are that the fuel delivery system is fine. If your car has over 50,000 miles , I would suggest cleaning out the throttle body. disconnect the air intake hose that comes from the air cleaner to the engine, open up the throttle plate . and take a tooth brush with some intake cleaner on it, you can get the cleaner at the parts tore , and scrubb aall the carbon off around the throttle plate.. you may also have an issue with the idle air control motor , however that would more than likely cause the check engine light to come on.. also check for any vacumn leaks ... also check the air intake tube that runs to the throttle body for any cracks or rips , because the mass air flow sensor may be reading false air ..
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