Fuel Pump and computer replacement on 1997 Ford Mustang

I took my mustang into a local shop with the agreement of $1200 total for a motor swap and installation. Two months later the guy tells me he's got it running, which is good, but its now gonna cost $2000 due to a fuel pump and ECU. I know the ECU for my car is $230($150 after core). And a fuel pump is $100 give or take five or ten dollars. Which makes my total $1530. MY TWO QUESTIONS ARE: 1. Did it even need these to things to begin with? 2. How much should the installtion charge be for each of these?

by in Eastaboga, AL on March 01, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 01, 2011
computer replacement is 1 hour. flashing is about 175. fuel pump is about 2 hours of labor. this is still way below the 2 grand. go to the shop and get the estimate in writing to see the charges. Roy
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