fuel pump on 1998 Dodge Stratus

fuel pump is working, but is not pushing gas to the fuel rail. changed out the filter and pump.

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Did you replace the entire Fuel Pump Module or just the Fuel Pump motor? If you replaced just the motor, I suggest that your remove the pump and recheck the hoses and clamps to make sure they are all secure. If your fuel pump is working you should have fuel at the fuel rail. The fuel system operates at approximately 338 kPa (49±2 psi) Perform fuel system pressure release procedure. .Remove fuel supply hose quick connector from the chassis line (at the engine) Connect Fuel Pressure Gauge C-4799 to Fuel Pressure Test Adapter 6539 Fuel Pressure Test Adapter Install the adapter between fuel supply hose and chassis fuel line assembly. CAUTION: When using the ASD Fuel System Test, the ASD relay and fuel pump relay remain energized for 7 minutes or until the test is stopped, or until the ignition switch is turned to the Off position. Place the ignition key in the ON position. Using the DRB scan tool, access ASD Fuel System Test. The ASD Fuel System Test will activate the fuel pump and pressurize the system. If the gauge reading equals 338 kPa (49±2 psi) further testing is not required. If pressure is not correct, record the pressure. If pressure is above specifications, check for a kinked or restricted fuel return tube (from filter to pump module) If the fuel return tube is not pinched or restricted, replace the fuel pressure regulator. If pressure is below specifications, inspect and replace the fuel pump strainer filter. Repair restrictions in chassis fuel supply line between fuel filter and fuel rail.