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2001 Jaguar XK8 Question: Fuel pump

Engine turns over, will not start. Replaced filter still no go. Spray engine start in carb and fires right up for a few seconds. If I disconnect filter and turn key on should I get fuel at that point? I am trying to determine where my problem is. -
Answer 1
There is a fuel pump relay in the trunk fuse box but I think there is an inertia switch at the left side of the dash when you open the door there is a triangular shaped panel you pull off and press a rest button on top of the relay/inertia switch. Fuel pumps do burn out and some wiring issues at pump as well. -
Comment 1
The reset is good. What test can I perform to check the relay? Can the Jaguar parts department bench test relay or do they need the vehicle? Thanks for your help. Bill L. -
Answer 2
sounds like bad fuel pump to me, your car has a in tank fuel pump. -
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