Fuel Pump on 1994 Chrysler Concorde

On ocassion my car car wil not start. This last time I turned the key three times back and forth and then on the 4th I turned it all the way to the start position and it started. How do I know for sure it is the fuel pump?

by in Spring Hill, FL on February 12, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 15, 2011
You will have to install a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail test port. The pump draws fuel through a strainer and pushes it through the motor to the outlet. The pump contains a check valve. The valve, in the pump outlet, maintains pump pressure during engine off conditions, for a short while. It is normal for fuel pressure to drop to zero after cooldown. The fuel pump relay provides voltage to the fuel pump. The fuel pump has a maximum deadheaded pressure output of approximately 880 kPa (130 psi). The regulator adjusts fuel system pressure to approximately 48 psi ± 5 psi). Due to the age of your vehicle, I would recommend replacing the Entire Fuel Pump Module. To replace the fuel pump follow these steps: Release fuel system pressure. .Disconnect negative cable from battery. Open deck lid. Remove trunk liner. .Remove access panel fasteners. Remove access panel and gasket Access Opening in Trunk Inspect gasket for damage. If necessary, replace gasket. Disconnect electrical connector from top of pump module. .Disconnect fuel supply and return tubes from fuel pump module. Disconnect hose from pressure relief/rollover valve. .A band clamp fastens the fuel pump module to the tank. The module rises up from the tank after loosening the clamp. Loosen band clamp until fuel pump module rises up from tank WARNING: THE FUEL PUMP RESERVOIR MAY CONTAIN FUEL. DO NOT SPILL FUEL WHILE REMOVING THE MODULE. .To absorb possible fuel spillage, place shop towels around access opening. Without removing the module, tip it backwards to allow fuel in the reservoir to run down the side and back into the fuel tank. The float arm of the level sensor catches on the inside of the tank while removing the module. Tilt the module to one side when removing from tank. .Remove fuel pump module and gasket from tank. .Drain remainder of fuel from reservoir before servicing the pump module.
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