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1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Question: fuel pump

my uncle gave me a 1990 might max v-6 4wd. I can not get fuel pump to run. It has been sitting for 2yrs. I pulled spark plug wire off and I have spark. I have unhooked the fuel line from filter but I get no gas out of it while turning engine over. I have not been able to find the wire to the fuel pump either. Any help will be a big THANKS -
Answer 1
I bought a 1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max and have had nothing but trouble. I had the same problem you do with the crank-and-not-start. I had to pay almost $500.00 to replace some fuel lines, the fuel pump (which is in the gas tank), and the strainer. The horn kept blowing all by itself. I found out that the horn-thing is a manufacturer's defect. Anyway, I had to pay for having the head gasket and timing chain replaced within three months of buying it. By the way, I'm still paying on it. I couldn't pay for it all at once because they wanted too much but my old man wanted it. We are paying payments. -
Answer 2
E-mail me x.cypro@gmail.com I will then give u my number so I can tell u where to look And how to fix it. -
Answer 3
I have a 1991 4 cyl. It has a fuse right at the positive battery connection for the fuel pump. Check to make sure the fuses there are good. You need to get the fuse at the parts store. -
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