fuel problems on 2005 Nissan Altima

My fuel pump went bad so i replaced it with a new one from dealer,when i replaced it the fuel lines were drained out ,but new pump only ran for a few seconds and it wouldnt start and the pump didnt run again untill i started cranking it,after a few cranks it started and kept running but it wouldnt start the next morning.what could cause this?:

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as far as the pump running, that is the correct procedure. it will run for 2 seconds and shut off. then when you crank it, it will run.
as far as the no start, it could be more than the fuel pump. they have many issues with the crank sensors on this model causing no starts.
why did you replace the fuel pump??

The old fuel pump wouldnt run when you turned on the key ,there wasnt any codes,the new fuel pump would but it wouldnt always start.then the camshaft sensor code came up on the computer.I replaced it and it seems ok so far.i paid $350 for pump ,could they both have been baD?old pump never ran.
there is no code for fuel pump failure. the cam sesnor could have been the whole issue. the pcm needs a signal to turn on the pump. if it does not see it, it will not turn anything on.
just remember, when a code appears, it never identifies a bad part just a failed system. that is what the diags are for. it eliminates the issue of replacing unnecessary parts.

thanks, im going to put a hot wire to old pump and see if it runs or has 90000 miles on it. the new pump ran every time .the old one never did come on at all.
ok. just remember, running a pump outside of fuel is like running an engine with no oil. it will seize quickly.

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Nissan had that problem. Take it to the dealer there was a recall for the crank sensor in that car call them and tell them you vin and see if your fall under it. And if not you will need a scanner.
I believe that was a flash for the crank sensor. I never saw a re call, just a tsb which is information but the customer still pays.
the flash was free but the sensor was not.