fuel problem? on 1990 Buick Century

just changed starter and battery for 1987 buick century. now the motor turns over but nothing happening is it maybe the fuel regulator or pump or just not getting spark im thinking question is where is the fuel regulator and does the 1987 buick have the access panel under back seat to change the pump or do you have to drop the gas tank?

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after cranking on the engine for a bit, stop and sniff your tailpipe. if you smell fuel, you have an ignition problem. if not, then it is a fuel injection problem. however, a bad crank sensor can cause both systems to not function. If the computer does not know the engine is turning, it will not fire the plugs or the injectors. when the engine is above a certain RPM value, the computer will switch from the crank sensor to the cam sensor. HTH... Wilson
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Your first determination should be if you have lost spark or fuel pressure. Once you know that answer you can continue down only one diagnostic path. To answer your two questions, 1) the fuel pressure regulator is located on the fuel injector rail (it has a vacuum line attached to it), 2) there is no access panel for the fuel pump. You must remove the fuel tank in order to replace the fuel pump on your 1990 Buick Century.