Nissan Sentra Problem Report

Nissan Sentra Fuel Pressure Regulator May Bleed Off Pressure Overnight

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If the vehicle is hard to start after setting overnight, the problem could be the fuel pressure regulator has failed and is allowing the fuel pressure to bleed off. A failed fuel pressure regulator will should be replaced.

After sitting overnight engine floods and will not crank without removing plugs and drying them, this only happens once or twice a week. Also using excessive gas. -
engine hesitates to crank or takes to many turns to start the car. Once you drive the car come back and let it sit, try to start it again and it takes a few times before it does decide to start -
I have to crank the car 2-4 times before the car starts. -
Has a veryhard time starting, specially after a couple days parked.I removed air cleaner intake,filter is new.Engine sounds like it wants to start,but takes a long time.Finally fires. -
Wont hold fuel presure -
Same. If the exterior temps were colder than the time the car was turned off or if the delay in running was short, it would start up fine. If the temps were warmer, the gas had been forced back out of the lines, causing intermittent lengths of crank times while it primed and spluttered back to having a solid line of fuel. Using the power on and wait method was only sometimes effective. It often seemed to have air pockets that needed to be worked through and would sometimes cause a start and then cut of the engine once or twice, but after that smooth sailing. I lived with it for years and finally replaced the fuel pump myself for less than the cost of the repair kit alone that Nissan released. Airtex sells a pump and housing (E8502M) with a fuel relief check valve already installed (essentially the repair kit already in place). It's a direct drop in replacement. Worked perfectly immediately. Haven't had the problem return since, validating it to be the cause. Very disappointed with Nissan for not owning up to this. Can only imagine the customers they've lost. -
Car would have a problem starting 1st try 1/10 times when got it at 51k miles in 2007. No big deal, just prime it and it starts, right? Now it is long crank hard start every time but no problem once running. Code po 301 random multiple misfires is the check engine light I have. It takes several primes and cranks to finally get started. Haven't had money to fix. Looks like from research its the fuel pressure regulator in the fuel pump assembly. There's a TSB on this and people have continueing problems after shelling out 250 to $300+ on just a fuel pressure regulator or the whole fuel pump assembly or people going through multiple fuel pump failures. -
Long cranking before start. -
turn ignition on 1.5 seconds before starting,this will prime your fuel system for proper pressure -
Same as above. When letting the car sit for any length of time, it will turn over for several seconds before starting. -
had the pressure tested due to the fact the engine will not start right away its over 800.00 to replace -
Won't start on first crank, diagnosed as the fuel pressure regulator. Told that there is a kit, but might as well replace the fuel pump. About $450-550. OR, you can just crank it once, let it settle, and then it starts on second crank. -
Quand il fais surtout froid mais des fois quand il est stationner plus d une heure je dois peser plusieurs fois sur l accélérateur pour qu il veuille démarrer -
hard to start after sit over night -
Hard to start in the morning, and if it's been sitting for more than an hour or so. -
I have the same problem and usually when I pumped the gas eventually it would start. It is a lot worse on cold days. Today it got to the point that I believe I burnt out the starter, it stopped turning over and there was a small amount of smoke rising out of the engine and when I turned the key it would only make a loud fan like noise. -
will not start,does not recogonize keyless ignition -
Same as everybody elses. After it sits for a while it will not start the first time. It started at about 50,000. The best way to ensure it will start is to get rid of the wimpy battery that the car comes with and get one with at least 900 cold cranking amps. Even if You have to start it a couple of times, the juice is there to do it. Much cheaper fix. A good battery is only $100-$150. -
Takes a few tries before it decides to startup! -
Yep, won't start the first time but will on second or third try. Seems to be same problem of fuel bleed off. Haven't yet tried pump/regulator replacement or check valve fix. Nissan service bulletin NTB05-052a -
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