Nissan Versa Problem Report

Nissan Versa Fuel Pressure Regulator May Bleed Off Pressure Overnight

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If the vehicle is hard to start after setting overnight, the problem could be the fuel pressure regulator has failed and is allowing the fuel pressure to bleed off. A failed fuel pressure regulator will should be replaced.

First start of the morning does not work. Second attempt is good. Very poor mileage, maybe 19 MPG at best!!!! Is it the fuel pump or the pressure regulator? -
Fuel pump has gone out; a/c went out after 3rd yr & brakes cannot seem to get fixed=no more Nissan! -
yest I had to call throhy nissan roadside,they try to jump the battery it wouldn't work,the guy said it's not getting any fuel and my checked engine light went on,so I had it towed to my place,but still don't crank up,its a 2009,nissan versa.i look at my coverage it has until 80,000.what do you think the problem is. -
It just started yesterday to require over 30 seconds of cranking before it fired. Today my employee tells me he quit cranking the starter fearing causing damage, but it started right up the second time. Took car with 52k miles into dealer who said YUP, fuel pressure regulator failed. And that Nissan has FIXED the problem with a new fuel pump design that incorporates the regulator into a new fuel pump design. Had to order one that will take two days to arrive. Good news is I'm covered under the 60,000 mile drive train warranty for the fuel pump! Without coverage they would charge about $530 plus tax. Gino in Sarasota -
long cranking when parked for a couple of hours. Sometimes needs two starting attempts. Always starts on second try. -
mine is doing the same thing and i pulled it out now i cant get the part only the dealer has it -
Fixed under warranty -
3 times, and it is started again uhg -
but the regulator has been changed at the beginning of February.Problem appeared when a little cold. The changes the battery in February2013 and the problem es still there. -
Vehicle is very hard to start in the mornings no matter how warm or cold it may be outside. -
Very hard starting -- must turn over several times -- esp when weather is hot. Diagnosed by independent garage as failure of fuel pressure regulator. This diagnosis plus repair would cost about $130 at this shop. Called Nissan Consumer Affairs, too -- and they confirmed that if the problem is the fuel pressure regulator, which is mounted atop the fuel pump, that repair should be covered as part of the 60,000 mile powertrain warranty. Local Nissan dealer would charge $100 to diagnose problem, which would be refunded if problem is indeed the fuel pressure regular, as indie garage says. -
Problem went away after 5K miles -
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