Oil Pressure Light on 1993 Volkswagen Corrado

Hello all,

My oil pressure light keeps coming on and I don't know why. The beeping is driving me CRAZY!!!

I just changed my oil so I know it has the correct amount of oil in it.

The oil pressure indicator does not drop below the 2 bar when above 2000 rpm so the pressure is correct according to the factory car manual.

The multi-function Indicator on the dash is not giving me the Engine Oil you think it's a sensor that is making this happen.


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If you're confident the oil pressure at 2200 rpm is above 22 psi , at operating temperature , you either have a failing high pressure switch , the one located on the head , or a failing control unit in the instrument cluster.
Remove the electrical connector from the oil pressure switch and place a 12 volt test light between the switch and the battery positive post. The test light should be on. Start the engine , increase engine speed. The test light should go out at around 2200 rpm. If not , the SWITCH is bad. If it does go out you may well have a problem in the cluster.
As a footnote when the test light is on or off , it should not flicker. If it does The SWITCH is bad.
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If the oil light wasn't coming on before the oil change, make sure you used the correct oil type. Using an oil different of a different viscosity than the manufacturer recommended oil can cause the light to come on.
If the oil gauge is not reading at all, then you may have an electrical problem and the oil pressure may be OK. Make sure the wire to the oil pressure switch didn't become disconnected during the oil change.
That part is for the oil pressure, but if the temperature is not registering, that may be a different sensor. Your car has a temperature gauge for the oil, and it's not registering? Is this an aftermarket gauge or a factory gauge?
HI Bret,

Thank you very much for the info.

The oil pressure light was coming on before I changed the oil and I used a good grade so I don't think that is it. Since then I've done some research and have found a part called an "Oil Pressure Sender". It's very inexpensive ($6.95) If this part went I think it may cause the problem that I'm having.

Do you think that could be it??
Im having the same problem, I just changed my oil pressure gage and still beeping and flashing!