Fuel Pressure Damper on 2003 Nissan Murano

My Nissan dealer diagnosed the noise "growling" type noise I was hearing as 2 bad (front & rear) fuel dampers. He charged me $100 (1 hour) for this information.

I have not have the dampers replaced yet. Are they covered by a TSB? And should they replace free of charge?


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A TSB is not a warranty issue, it is only a factory authorized repair, that the customer still has to pay for, sorry to say. in most cases. In general, only recalls are paid for by the factory because the NHTSA forces the manufacturer to so do, like the Toyota, recalls.
Can you give a ball park figure as to what it should cost to repair?
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Did you hear the noise all the time you were driving or for a few minutes when you first started to drive then it would go away?