1994 Lexus SC300 Q&A

1994 Lexus SC300 Question: Fuel Pressure

Does anyone know what the fuel pressure is suppose to be on a 94 Lexus SC 300? -
Answer 1
When vehicle is idling it should be 28 to 34 psi. When vehicle is idling and vacuum hose disconnected from fuel regulator it should be 38 to44 psi Fuel regulator is on the fuel rail,round small canister with vacuum hose connected to it. -
Comment 1
So the engine stumbles and then dies. Can't keep it running. Should I rule out the fuel filter and go with a new fuel pressure regulator? -
Comment 2
What is your pressure readings? Low readings could be a fuel restriction. -
Comment 3
I just bought a new fuel filter thinking I would start with the least expensive first. Hopefully that will take care of it. I've heard it's kind of a pain to replace. Should I have my local mechanic do it? -
Answer 2
FUEL ECM IN ON DIVER SIDE BEHIND THE PANEL. it has come control over pressure depending on engine speed, which has, -
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