1990 Dodge Caravan Q&A

1990 Dodge Caravan Question: Fuel Pouring out bad running

I drive this vehical and it acts like it loses power and surges. When I stop fuel is released from the tank over flow line comiming from the top of the tank. I mean it gushes all over the ground from a line coming out the drivers side rear all over my Emergency Brake cable box. It is some type of pressure relief line from the tank. I have no idea what the problem is? A fuel pressure regulator? Or other? -
Answer 1
This needs to be towed to a shop where a mechanic can put it up on a hoist to look and see what is leaking. Don't drive it, tow it. -
Answer 2
Assuming ur not overfilling tank by not stoppin when pump does, ur tank is not releasing its pressure im guessing through a one way valve or ur emission system is not venting ur fumes into charcoal canister properly,but computer should show code or that the solenoid isnt working. -