Fuel or Electrical? on 1995 Nissan Pickup (D21)

I have a 95 nissan 4x4 pickup, Driving Home and started spitting and sputtering ! out of Fuel ? NO half tank!! I replaced the fuel filter it would IDLE for 3-4 minutes then replaced the fuel pump, the truck will now idle but when I take out on road it still wants to spit and sputter , My ingition switch was bad, thought maybe I was losing power ,SO i bought a new one, still have the same problem.. Truck will idle for 3-4 minutes then dies , sometimes it starts right back but then sometimes it takes a few minutes to start.. please help I am out of Ideas...

by in Bardstown, KY on May 08, 2010
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ANSWER by on May 16, 2010
oxygen sensor is bad.
COMMENT by on May 16, 2010
had same problem . cleaned it. and runs fine .new one is costly.
COMMENT by on May 16, 2010
My problem ended up being a combination of bad fuel pump but also bad gas , the mechanic I had trusted to replace fuel pump did as requested but HE DID NOT REPLACE FUEL THAT WAS IN TANK WITH FRESH FUEL>> He no longer is my mechanic!!!
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