Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Erratic Fuel Gauge Operation

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It is common for the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank read the fuel level incorrectly. The sensor must be replaced to correct the condition. Our technicians recommend having the complete fuel pump module replaced on high mileage vehicles.

Fuel sensor gauge never reads correctly. It continuously jumps between full and empty while I'm driving or while I'm at a light. I have to use keep track of how much gas I actually have by keeping track of how many miles I've driven since the last fill up. Chevrolet needs to do a recall of this issue. -
Just after the warranty expired the fuel gauge started acting up. When you fill the truck up with fuel it tells me I'm out of gas. Sometimes when I hit a bump the fuel gauge will seem to work briefly. It does seem to work properly as the fuel in the tank gets closer to empty. -
Fuel gauge is erratic and not accurate. When I stop the gauge goes to empty and the low fuel light comes on. After driving several miles, it will correct itself but the same thing happens when I stop. Dealer says it could be two different things causing the problems and each one is $500 to fix each one. Other people I know have the same problem. General Motors needs to do a recall. I'm keeping track of my milage. -
Gas gauge reading empty. Just replaced fuel level sensor and still doing the same. Dont know what else to do -
Same as everyone else. Gauge starts jumping all over. I replaced the pump and sending unit it, and now i am stuck on E. -
I have the same problem. Sometimes the gauge will read completely empty even on a full tank. Sometimes when I hit a bump it will read empty or will go back to the true level. Very annoying how hard and expensive it is to replace the sensor. -
Haven't fixed it, I keep track of miles driven to know when to get gas. It's annoying... -
erratic fuel gauge. Drops to empty at stop lights and sometimes when driving down a smooth stretch of road. Not fixed yet. -
1st noticed it when gauge read 1/4 tank and I ran out then when I filled it,, it reads empty as i drive it goes up VERY slowly to full most of the tome but on occasion it goes up only to drop back to empty -
Fuel Gauge level reads incorrect. -
Have the same problem the fuel gauge goes from empty to various readings.So frustrating. -
Same problem.... fuel gauge shows empty all the time. Low fuel light always stays on. Need to have a recall.... -
The erratic fuel gauge was first repaired by replacing the fuel pump and then the second time at approximately 160,000 miles it started again. Noticed extensive rust at all areas of the frame (more than expected ) for a garage kept vehicle. Sorry next complaint. Anti lock break system - repaired twice - needs repaired again. This truck gets complicates all the time for its appearance * These system failures all seem to be related to safety . * Are there any Safety recalls on these electrical problems -
was very expensive to replace -
low fuel light comes on and off not sure how much fuel is in tank. -
not fixed. -
the gauge went out previously(~125000 miles) but the pump finally failed too. -
Have had it for a while and gasoline gauge moves up and down constantly -
Same problem everyone else is having with the fuel light problem -
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