1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Q&A

1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: Fuel leak problem

When I turn on the engine when its been sitting and its been cold, I hear what appears to be a small motor that turns on right behind the engine. The motor appears to run at a slow pace and only runs for about a minute. The other day, fuel leaked out while this motor was running. Any idea's of what this could be? -
Answer 1
The only motor on a 1500 Ram is the fuel pump which is located behind the cab on top of the fuel tank. I cannot think of anything on the right side of the engine that can cause this. More information would be helpful. -
Answer 2
Could be a boost pump, sometimes people add a second fuel pump or a "boost pump" to maximize fuel pressure to their desired performance. Be sure that it is fuel that is leaking before you tamper with what you believe is a motor. There could also be a chance that the ACTUAL liquid in the device is mixing with gasoline too which could be a problem, most likely a mix of oil and gas. Make sure of what it is. If it is oil and gas or just oil, would seem to be a leak from your starter. -
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