Mercedes-Benz E300 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz E300 Fuel leak near high pressure pump, fuel lines at filter and pump

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Fuel leaks can develop around the high pressure fuel injection pump. The fuel lines around the fuel filter and the fuel pump also tend to leak.
I too had a fuel leak near the injector pump, I replaced all of the fuel lines and fix nothing. Then found it was leaking from the "Fuel Stop Valve" when I went to replace it I foumd it was only a bad O-ring. -
fuel leak near high presure pump, fuel lines filter and fuel stop walve -
Same as the others -
After running for few kilometers car starts missing and engine stops, immediately when we crank it does not start, after 15 minutes it starts -
It has been leaking since the day I got it, but only now one friend who owns a 1999 model looked at it and told me about the recall on injector seals. He got it fixed through MB Cherryhill NJ and they changed all injector, replaced all fuel like and filters only charged for labor around $400. I will contact MB. -
fuel line seals leaking and allowing air into the system. Had to replace the lines and all is well. -
Could smell diesel. -
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