Fuel Leak from Engine - 1988 Audi 90 on 1990 Audi 90

About two years ago, I parked my 1988 Audi 90 (5 cylinder) for about two years. The last time I started it was about six months ago. It started right up and ran fine. When I went to start it the other day, it would not start, however, fuel is being pumped and leaking out from some undetermined location in the engine compartment and streaming all over the ground. I am unable to see exactly where the fuel is leaking from. Do you have any idea where the origin of this fuel leak might be? Thanks!

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you could try some powdered foot spray. spray areas you suspect. the powder will absorb and show leaks and may help in narrowing your search area.
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A visible inspection is the only way too find out, anything else would be a guess and not useful. If it's leaking out consistently, then it should be fairly easy to find the leak, if you cannot, then try to have someone else look at it. Sorry this isn't much help, but some problem require actually seeing the vehicle, there is no other alternative.