1996 Chevrolet Impala SS Q&A

1996 Chevrolet Impala SS Question: fuel leak

my ss leaks fuel in the morning when the weather is cold . i got underneath but cant seem to find where its coming from ??? it only does it once in a while -
Answer 1
Best thing to do is to do an Evaporative System Leak test, because there are a zillion places to look for a fuel leak. Do you have a Service Engine Soon Light on? if so pull the Code. If it is an Evaporative System Code, it will help you find the leak. -
Answer 2
Evap system will throw codes on a 96. You may have a problem with your opti if you are throwing random cylinder misfire codes and what you smell is the unburned fuel. Also, you may have a fuel injector o-ring leak. Just use a match to find the problem... JUST KIDDING!!!!! -
Answer 3
Look for broken fuel regulator -
Answer 4
your fuel injectors are at the top of your engine and your fuel line is on the top and runs along to the very back of the engine. get a fuel pressure test done and the injectors lookes at for leaks. -
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added a fuel additive, changed o2 sensors, cleaned mass air flow sensors, runs really smooth except at start
I did replace the gas cap with a new one from auto parts store.