fuel keeps shuting off on 1990 Buick Century

car was running fine but had to replace crank sensor and starter,but now when i turn on ignition fuel shoots out like it should for a few seconds then it just stops.then you can turn off ignition and turn it on and the fuel shoots out again for a few seconds then just stops. what keeps killing the fuel flow? this is a 1988 buick century 2.8 liter

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Will the car start and run? What happened to your car, i am sure the starter must have acted up but how about the sensor? Why did you check the fuel system? Fuel really should not just shoot out unless you have something unhooked or opened. I am just curious about the problem you have!
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The fuel pump runs for a few seconds to prime the injectors when the key is just turned on without engine running. Are you starting the engine as well? When starting the ECM reads the distributer pulse to activate the relay and run the pump, and has a backup at the oil sender to backup the ECM & shut off fuel pump if oil pressure drops below 4 lbs.
Agree with prof. If the PCM doesn't see the crank reference signal it won't turn the pump back on after the priming pulse. Do you have spark? Before you check that make sure your fuel system is sealed back up and there are no fuel vapors present.