1999 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Q&A

1999 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Question: Fuel issues ?

The van acts like its out of gas some times while its running , runs great other times its never the same , this has been happening for 5,000 miles , it now has 87.000 on it now ! -
Answer 1
your fuel pump could be failing. review age on fuel pump. get pressure tested. review when engine last tuned. -
Comment 1
Thanks ! I contacted a Dealership and the responce was either the pump works or it does not , are you under the assumption from your own work experience ,is that the thing is compromized from ethanol or other things to make it do what it is doing ? I bought this new and no one drives it but me and I always youse Sunoco gas and have a lock cap on the filler tube . Hope to here from you . -
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