Nissan Quest Problem Report

Nissan Quest Fuel Injectors May Fail and Cause Drivability Concerns

(24 reports)

The fuel injectors can fail and cause drivability problems. Often there is no Check Engine light and the failures can be caused by corrosion of the connector, clogging beyond the point of cleaning, and/or internal failures.

start van and it runs rough, white smoke from the exhaust, feels like its almost going to lose power, took it to repair shop and they said fuel injector plug. also head gasket leak. just replaced timing belt for 450. and now 823. for this repair.just bought the van used in may -
rough idle heavy skipping engine light blinks then stay on second set of injectors and 3 more need to be replaced. -
misfire on #3 cylinder new injector -
97 nissian quest white smoke coming out of tail pipe also fuel i found out i had a short to ground -
it broke down and after replacing the fuel pump,new fuel filter somehow a friend of mine got it to spit gas out of the injector and a bunch of black gritty gunk with it. Now when i drive it it spits and sputters almost like a clogged converter.It has broke again doing the same as it did the first time..just rediculous -
the van stopped running when i came to a stop and would not start now it will almost start but wont run -
Engine idle is rough especially when it's warm. Got a check engine light Said cylinder number 6 is misfire. Checked ohms on injector started at 60 then went to 230 then all over the place. Checked injectors cyl four And two both were steady at 13 ohms. Replaced injector 6 idling good now. New injector reads 13 ohms. It's a 99 Nissan quest. -
Had to replace all six injectors,both front windows failed to work had to replace both motors, check engine light constantly comes off and on, replaced one set of rotors, and replaced one set of cv joints . -
problem is engine start but it will not continue running and when you give gas it cuts off as soon u left your foot off gas pedal it dies. please help. -
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