fuel injectors on 1998 GMC Sonoma

On my way home from work my truck lost power and started to use a large amount of power. It then stalled upon taking off from a stop sign. I made it home and turned the truck off. It smelled of fuel and would not start again and still will not. I have changed coil, spark plug wires pulled the plugs changed the fuel filter and it seems to get pressure in the fuel line. I am in the process of checking the injectors and cant seem to find anything that tells me if they are bad in the Chilton manual so just would like any advise on how to tell or any advise on what to look for next?

by in Lower Lake, CA on February 27, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 27, 2011
Really need to pull any Service Engine Soon codes. That will tell you what is malfunctioning, other wise your are guessing and just replacing parts. The fuel smell and lack of power could be caused by dozens of things. You have a 1998 OBD-II system so a simple code puller from a parts store should help you. Then look up the code solution on RepairPal. You can do this! Ask more questions, we will help you.
COMMENT by on March 01, 2011
I tried to pull codes. But i made the mistake of disconecting the Batt and I was told that it cleared any codes that might have been there. So now im stuck trying to Guess.
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