1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Q&A

1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Question: fuel injector replacement

Injector #7 control circuit. How do you repair it. -
Answer 1
You'll need to do some circuit testing to find out what the problem is. Power, ground, resistance...all using a wiring diagram for reference and likely some diagnostic equipment. Of course, visually look for any signs of obvious wiring issues around your injectors... -
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code shows 27 # 5 fuel injector. New brain installed but when I looked at it the top was all cracked up how could this be new? mechanic won't honer this due to 1 year warranty and I returned 3 time...
Hard Starting, Rough Idle, Black Exhaust Smoke, Poor fuel mileage may indicate a leaking injector or more commonly a leaking injector O-ring. Our technicians tell us that with engine idling and air...