Fuel help please, hope it is just a filter. on 1996 Chevrolet Express 1500

I have a 96 chevy express. yesterday while idleing, it stalled and would not start. a few minutes later it would start it ran for about 2 miles then puttered out. would not start again, waited a few then it starts but only gets me about .25 miles.
I made it home after many stalls... any thoughts? Please.

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sounds more like a fuel pump. you should have the pressure checked to confirm.
even if the filter was blocked, it has a bypass to allow the vehicle to run, not well, but run .

Given the reported problems with the in-tank fuel pump, is there a way to install an electric fuel pump outside of the fuel tank?
only at the fuel rail at the top of motor you probably have to take the dog house off that the round thing under you cup holders then shoud be easeir than just poping hood it should have a pressure of at least 50 pounds