fuel guage not working on 1998 Honda Passport

My fuel guage on dashboard is not working accurately...after I fill up, it will show as empty with fuel light on. What needs to be fixed or replaced?

by in Plymouth, MI on February 08, 2009
5 answers
ANSWER by , February 09, 2009
Sounds like the fuel tank sender unit is faulty!
ANSWER by , February 09, 2009
The Passport fuel gauges can be calibrated, and won't work properly when out of calibration. Your local Honda dealer has the tools to calibrate the sending unit/fuel gauge assembly. That's the first thing to try, after that if there is still a problem you may have an issue with the sending unit itself or the fuel gauge on the dash.
ANSWER by , July 11, 2009
change sending unit , is the check engin light on ,i have replced mine twice 297456, miles on car so far 2001 pass port v6
ANSWER by , April 13, 2010
on 1999 honda passport when cranking up the dash lights clock and radio lights flash and their is a ticking sound like the flashers are on but there not it will stop after a minute or so and sometimes begin again before it stops, or I can cut my headlights on and it will imediatly stop.please help whats up with it?
ANSWER by , May 21, 2010
change the fuel level sender, located on the fuel pump assy inside the fuel tank..$15,00 on ebay..