1991 Ford Ranger Q&A

1991 Ford Ranger Question: Fuel Guage

The fuel guage is not working and I would like to find a wiring diagram or maybe someone can tell me where the problem most likely lies. -
Answer 1
I think the gauge failed in the dash but Autozone has the wiring diagram on their website -
Answer 2
I've heard the Ranger's and Explorer's it's most commonly the sending unit. I found this in a google search so you can test your gauge and sending unit. http://autorepair.about.com/library/faqs/bl845g.htm you'll need to copy/paste that link. hope this helps! -
Answer 3
OULD THERE BE A WIRE BROKEN, NOT MAKIN A GOOD GROUND. Guage was working then drop to zero. -
Answer 4
It might be a cracked fuel filler hose. Without the correct pressure in the tank the fuel probe malfunctions. -
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is the sending unit bad how do i find out if thats the problem