fuel gets all the way to the carburetor but not into it. What's the problem? on 1991 Honda Civic

I have checked the fuel pump and all filters and lines.

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Check ALL fuses. Underhood and under dash.
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you should have a throttle body on this car, not a carburetor. the fuel line goes into the fuel rail, which goes to the injectors. the throttle body only allows air to pass through. if it does in fact have a carb on it, the accelerator pump may be failing. it is attached to the carb.
Oops, I misspoke. It is a throttlebody and the fuel line goes directly to it. There is fuel pressure all the way up to it. I WOULDN'T ADVISE ANYONE TO DO THIS BECAUSE THE THROTTLEBODY CAUGHT FIRE A FEW TIMES! I sprayed fuel into it and it started and ran as long as I kept spraying. There is no fuel rail on this vehicle.