Jeep Wrangler Problem Report

Jeep Wrangler Fuel gauge problems due to bowed fuel tank

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If the fuel gauge is inaccurate or not working, it may because the fuel tank has bowed upward and interfered with, or damaged the sending unit (fuel level sensor). If the fuel tank has bowed, fuel tank replacement will be needed.
we dropped my fuel tank after a years worth of mysterious problems thinking that the fuel pump must be out. The fuel pump was bent into a funny shape therefore kinking the hoses/metal lines because the gas tank was bowed in in multiple spots. we are guessing that the tank was not venting properly. -
My jeep was having a lot of issues staying running and was acting like it was out of gas, it turned out that what I always thought was a 12 gallon tank was actually a 20 gallon bowed in tank with a damaged fuel pump. Eventually the pump was so bent into a v like shape that it had holes in the lines and was not drawing any fuel. I bought a new tank and the problem was solved. -
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