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2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Question: Fuel Gauge Problem

My fuel gauge has been messing up ,showing full then 1/2 full and low on gas light comes on.I was told that the fuel tank pressure sensor was bad. I replaced the sensor with a new one but i still have the same problem.Is there something else that i can check? Thanks, William 3.8--V6 Engine -
Answer 1
It is NOT the fuel tank pressure sensor. That is only for the EVAP monitor test and has NOTHING to do with the gauge as you so painfully found out. If all the rest of the gauges work just fine, then your fuel tank sending unit for the fuel gauge that is inside the tank is most likely the problem. Ii would have this scan checked. -
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Thanks for your help,the GM parts dept.says that you have to buy the whole fuel pump ($450.00). I went on line to AC Delco and they sell the sender kit, LVL that controls the fuel gauge for about $100.00. I did a google search with the part # and found 2 sellers on Ebay that were selling the same part for $34.95 and $19.99 both with free shipping. Thanks -
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Hi, I am having the same problem. Can you give me the part #? -
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i also am having the same problem, -
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i too am having this problem -
Answer 2
My GMC truck had some of the same symptoms. That went on for about a year, later my fuel pump went out. ( I was on the freeway going about 60 MPS the truck started loosing power, then shut off) I think that was the problem. Had the fuel pump replaced now the fuel gauge is working correctly. -
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